Business Review – Cibar Updates

I have to give a shout out to Lisa for hooking up my little event
with some fruit, cheese and bread platters. Thank you so much for
supporting my UYE for the troops.

The event was small, intimate,  the location was awesome, comfortable,
quiet. We were able to actually talk and get to know each other. I like
this place alot. This particular evening it was relatively quiet, which
I thought was great. We had a nice time..

I don't normally drop names on my reviews, but I have to give a special
thank you to Phil, Chada, Andrea, Sean, Gerard, and Evan for coming out
and supporting this event. This was not about me, or for me, it's about
the troops, and I appreciate that you guys saw that and came through for
this. Thank you.

Again, a huge thank you to Lisa and the amazing staff at Cibar for supporting
this. Know this, for any events that I may plan, you will be my venue of choice.

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