Alt-Right, Alt-Left and the rest of us!

If the past couple of days are any indication of how people really feel, well, which of you is surprised? Come on folks, we all know that there are racists are in this country. I stated long before Trump became president, that I wasn’t worried about him, but about the racist arm of his base feeling emboldened. That’s exactly what has happened, I’m not at all surprised.

You don’t need the play by play recap from me, but I wanted to point out some things in all fairness to both the left and the right. I have many friends who are right wingers, I was one for awhile myself. I also have many friends who are far left liberals. Today, I believe that I am clearly more left leaning, but I still understand some of the points on the right.

Here’s the point I want to make, the Alt-Right does not speak for all of the right wing. Their agenda is not the agenda of most right wingers I know. They may share some ideals when it comes to love of country, but not when it comes to white supremacy. I have seen many, if not most of my right wing friends condemn the racist rhetoric being put forth by the alt-right.

The same applies to what we are calling the Alt-Left. The guys who put on masks, and incite riots and confrontations on the left side of the house, the anarchists. Those folks do not represent all of the people on the left. Again, they may stand for similar ideals to some degree, but how they go about it is different. The alt-left does not speak for the left.

These are two extreme groups that have taken things too far, and in some cases have their own ulterior motives. Its the same as Islam and how it has been hijacked by some extremists within their ranks. Do you really believe that every single Muslim wants to blow themselves up or kill you? Come on now, let’s be real. Are there some that want to? Of course there are, but those are the extremist, no different than that sick animal who drove his car into a group of protesters. An extremist, but not representative or speaking for the whole group. Just because someone is Muslim, doesn’t mean they share the same ideas as the extremist.

That’s all I want you guys to understand. We have a problem, its a terrible thing, and it needs to be dealt with. On the other hand, we live in a free nation where we are ALL guaranteed freedom of speech, whether or not you like what is being said. So there’s that. I don’t doubt we all believe they have the “right” to say what they want, as do we. And our words have consequences, the market, and businesses then have the right to respond how they will.

I don’t like what these people say, it angers and frustrates me. But, this doesn’t give me the right to assault any of them. This is where I had to part ways with a few leftist friends of mine. They became offended that I did not support assaulting white supremacists.

That’s not right, and if we are okay assaulting guys like Richard Spencer, then we have to be okay with that racist who hit a protester at a Trump rally and said, “Next time we might have to kill him.”

Violence is not right, in either scenario, and you can’t pick and choose when its okay. A few friends disagreed, I consider them extremists, and I don’t support extremist. Fare thee well, friend. I’ve also cut ties with some right wing friends who somehow thought that I’d be okay with them saying things like “n*ggers,” and other racist rhetoric, again, these are extremists who don’t speak for all.

Just remember, none of those extremist groups speak for you and me. We speak for ourselves, our actions, our kindness, it speaks for itself. I’m not some hippy who’s going to come on here and tell you to love everyone. That’s not me, I believe in defending myself, and if you hate me, well, then fuck you too. I’m not looking to win you over with love. You can go fuck yourself, I don’t give a damn. However, as long as you leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone. That’s the way it goes.

Again, the extremists do not speak for all of us. I know that some of us are angry with the right, but I have seen with my own eyes and ears, friends of mine who are right wingers side with us in the sense that they condemn the behavior of these extremists. Don’t alienate them and turn them against us too. Have an open mind and try to be reasonable.

Finally, on the Staten Island Youtuber, Joey Salads, I’ll confirm that the guys is not a Nazi racist. Someone took his video, twisted the context, snapped and image, and you know how that goes. It can happen to any of us, and we have to be fair and call it out when it happens. God forbid one day it’s you who is grossly taken out of context. Whether or not you like the guy, that’s irrelevant. He is not a Nazi, be fair my friends.

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