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Aberrant Comic Review

Some months ago I purchased an iPad to read comics. Since then I have been reading all sorts of comics. The main catalyst for this…

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Mr Robot Finale thoughts

Mr Robot is a trippy show. From the very beginning it’s hard to tell what is real and what isn’t. As the show progresses through…

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Just like heaven

Years ago, it was the Deutsche Bank holiday party at club Exit. We weren’t part of the team that went there, ours was at some…

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Being drawn to people

Sometimes you meet a person and from the moment you set eyes on them, you are instantly drawn to them. This can happen regardless of…

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Get to know your Zumba Instructor

When I first started teaching group fitness I taught HIIT and strength class variations. As I was teaching, I was always taking classes, and somewhere…

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RAI Comic Review

So I got my hands on and read the first comic in what I thought was a new comic, “RAI.” I think the comic is…

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My Zumba Evolution

The first time I taught Zumba at 24 Hour Fitness, I did one song. I hadn’t yet completed my training and was fairly new. I…

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