We just recently rewatched this film and I have to tell you, it was eerily reminiscent of what we have been going through the past couple of years. These filmmakers managed to predict everything with nearly 100% accuracy.

Of course it is Hollywood, so they went a bit overboard with the violence and the riots. However, how far off from that point were we anyway? One food shortage? Two? Thankfully they got things under control before things escalated to Contagion movie level.

Oddly enough, talk about life imitating art, these guys even managed to cover COVID deniers before there were any COVID deniers. Jude Law played a blogger who was against the vaccine (someone against the vaccine? What?) who had a huge following and claimed to have been healed by some sort of plant or something.

I’d say you can’t make this crap up, but they not only made it up, but it came to pass in the real world. Mind you, I’m not saying that there aren’t natural remedies that work, I’m referring more to the polarization and divisions among humanity.

For what it is, this film was really good. It’s a fairly old movie, but totally worth a rewatch if you have time to kill. Especially after what we’ve been going through the past few years.

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