I saw a kid being hardened

Bill Burr has a bit where he says something along the lines of “Men snap and lose their minds because they are unable to express that a puppy is cute.” The bit is hilarious, but there is some sad truth to it.

Unfortunately, I actually witnessed this happening a few days ago as I walked Peppa. I saw a father and his young child walking towards us. Peppa was wearing her pink little dress and was obviously looking super cute! Duh! The cute, friendly little boy lost his mind and said “Daddy, daddy, look at how cute the puppy is in her pink dress.”

The father looked at the kid with a stern face and pulled him along. He didn’t say or do anything at all to acknowledge or feed his son’s gentle, excited outburst.

At that moment I saw the kid become disappointed, his expression darkened and he went from what I perceive to be an excited, happy boy, to a boy who was humiliated for expressing himself. His demeanor change almost instantaneously. I wonder if that’s the moment he decided to never express himself that way again?

I wanted to say something to the father, but it’s just not my place. Also, with Peppa in tow, I would be unable to defend myself if things escalated. You must know that in NYC, if you ever approach or engage someone in the street about matters such as this, it could easily become a violent confrontation. If you are not prepared for that outcome, just keep your mouth shut and mind your business. Don’t do it. 

Anyway, this is why men have heart attacks, strokes, ego problems, and feel the need to always act hard and tough. From a very young age we are discouraged and taught that we shouldn’t express our feelings.

I feel bad for that kid, really. 

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