NYC Pigeons

People around these parts consider pigeons a nuisance. I mean, in so far as I know, they don’t really contribute much to the ecosystem, they crap on us and our property, so what’s their purpose?

Well personally, I don’t feel like that. I may not particularly care for pigeons, but I can appreciate them as sentient beings. These are just living creatures out here trying to survive like the rest of us. It really bugs me when I see one of them splattered on the road like they are absolutely nothing. It takes a particularly cruel person to crush a living thing under their vehicle. I understand accidents happen, but I hope people do their best to avoid doing that.

Another threat they face here in the big city are Hawks. I know it is the circle of life, but it saddens me that we must consume living things to live. I also apply this to myself as a person who regularly eats meat and beef. Yes, I do it. But I take no pleasure in knowing that an animal is being bred, imprisoned and basically tortured so that we are fed.

On another note, the birds of prey do scare me because I have a small dog. I can’t imagine what I would do if one of them hurt my baby girl. I’ve seen a few videos of them also being struck by vehicles. It is a sad thing, and despite the threat they pose, I still don’t want to see them hurt like that.

In any case, pigeons are all over the city, all of the time. Nuisance or friend, they are here to stay, so you may as well learn to live with them.

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