Shout Karaoke Astoria

So my zumba students from 24 hour fitness arranged a karaoke and dinner outing. They invited me along and we went to this place called Shout karaoke in Astoria. Anyone who knows me knows that I love karaoke, and for many years, karaoke was a staple in my life. These days I don’t do it out often, but I regularly sing on the smule karaoke app. However, this Saturday reminded me why I loved doing it with friends so much. We had a great blast and lots of laughs.

Shout Karaoke is on Steinway, it is an easy commute on the R line and we got there fairly quickly and easily. In the front they have a bar area where you can drink and sing if you like, much like most karaoke bars. They also have small and fairly large group rooms where you pay a set rate per person per hour. For the room we got, before 8pm, you pay $5 an hour per person and you have a minimum of 15 people. After 8pm it goes up to $9 an hour. I think the room prices are fairly reasonable.

We didn’t drink any alcohol so I can’t comment on the liquor prices, but our ginger ale was about 3 bucks a pop, which is fairly reasonable for a bar like setting. As far as the music selection, they have a pretty modern setup with both book and tablet access for searching music. The selection is fairly extensive both in Spanish and English. The space was clean, cool, and the staff was super friendly.

I will definitely return here for karaoke in the future. Awesome gem in the Queens area.

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