Tekashi 69 jumped in Florida

So everyone is covering this story, but no one has any actual details as to what went down. The same applies here, but that doesn’t matter, its not why I’m writing today.

I wanted to ask why do we think its okay to jump people? Ever since I was a kid growing up in the Bronx, people rarely ever fought a fair one.

I remember one time I was whooping this older kid in a one on one fight. He was bigger than me, stronger, older, but he was losing. So what happens? His buddies came down, one had a box cutter and another guy flashed the heat.

I stopped fighting at that point. They slapped me up, the loser decked me a few times, and one of them put the blade to my face. They where stopped from slashing my face by one of the leaders because he knew that this would cross the line and get the cops involved. I knew where he lived and no one is going to let that crime slide. It’s one thing to kick the crap out of me, I never said anything about it to anyone, I just took the beatdown.

It’s a whole other thing to go that route and disfigure me. Then I’d be singing to the police like Pavarotti. It’s not like my parents would have let that slide either. My pops was very street and he might have caught a murder charge for that. He pulled out guns for much less, so yeah.

In any case, did that loser think this made him tough? Didn’t his crew think, “Damn bro, this guy was getting whooped by a little nerdy kid. We had to save him, he’s soft! Let’s kick him out!” Didn’t he himself recognize that he had to be saved by his little armed posse? He’s not tough, they are not tough, they are all cowards who needed to use weapons and large numbers to fight a little nerdy kid like me. It took 5 of them with weapons to beat me.

In any case, experiences like that one have served to form my opinion of men who jump others. If one of them fought and whooped his butt, I might be on here singing his praises for giving that much needed beatdown. But they jumped him, and that right there, that’s just not cool. We’ll leave it at that.

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