Two weeks after Vasectomy

So it’s been about two weeks since I got snipped. The recovery is coming along nicely and in line with the projections that the staff at Maze Health tells us.

The wound on my scrotum is healing and will soon be almost invisible. We are not quite there just yet, but we are on our way. Thankfully there were no infections or other wound management problems.

Now as far as what’s going inside my scrotum, I have to say that I’m still a bit sore. That makes sense, Doctor Werner did cut some tubes and burned two ends. It makes sense that I’d still be a little sore.

One of my buddies told me that it took him about 4-6 weeks to recover from the soreness. If we consider how long it takes me to heal from a cut or mat burn in jujitsu, it stands to reason that cutting a tube and burning it, will take at a minimum just as long. So this is to be expected.

At first I was kind of scared, but the doctor told me that I need to ejaculate about 15 times to empty out the remaining sperm from my semen. So far I’ve ejaculated about 4 times, and it hasn’t been painful or anything. Although, I think my balls felt a bit sore after the 4th one. I might have gotten a bit froggy with that one.

In any case, I’m looking to try and start training next week. I have been subbing out my classes for two weeks and not doing any form of training at all. I do want to get back to teaching and training. For now, until my nuts feel 100%, I’ll be staying out of BJJ, but I’ll train the other formats I do.

So that’s where we are at two weeks later. If you have any questions about the vasectomy process, read my full outline here, or use the comments to reach out.

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