We have a ghost

I saw the preview for this movie a while ago and I definitely wanted to see it right from the gate. I went to view it, but it wasn’t available yet. It was just being advertised. It’s worth noting, that I believe whether or not a release does really well depends on how much netflix pushes it. For instance, they seem to have promoted this movie on their front page, and it is immediately in the top 10 list. I think they should have done the same with a show like “Half bad” which was cancelled.

So this story is about a haunted house and a family who moves in. When confronted with the house ghost, rather than being scared, the kid starts to crack up and actually befriends him. Hell, he even films it and puts online. The ghost becomes a huge YouTube sensation. The family then has different ideas about how to proceed with their new friend. This creates a bit of a rift and some drama between them as the film progresses.

As always, there’s some scumbag government organization who gets involved. And of course they want to take the ghost and use them for their own ends. Weaponing a ghost, now there’s a surprise. Oddly enough, it’s a government who helps save the day.

The film goes from a rather lighthearted comedy to a bit of a darker story, then it eventually gets somewhat emotional in nature. It should be noted, that our ghost barely speaks more than 2 words, but he does a great job expressing his emotions through facial expressions. Really great work there. All of the cast was really cool and I found a new great comedian from here, Tig Notaro, she’s hilarious. Oddly enough, we had just seen her earlier today in a romantic comedy film, “Your place or mine.”

As I mentioned before, this is one of the top 10 films on Netflix right now. Rightfully so in my opinion, I think it was a great watch and I highly recommend it.

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