Yellowstone on Peacock initial impression

These days you cannot judge the quality of a show based on which streaming platform it is on. I mean, by default we probably assume that Netflix is getting all the greatest shows out there, but there are other streaming services getting some great shows too.

Apple TV has put out some pretty amazing original content, Amazon Prime has done so as well, hell, even IMDB has put out some really great original content. I thought they were just a movie database website!

There are more, but the latest to join the mix is peacock with Kevin Costner and the show Yellowstone. I believe it originally airs on paramount, then here. Wifey had heard about this series and told me that we should give it a go. After watching the previews, my attention was definitely piqued, then after one episode we were both hooked.

The show is about a powerful rancher land owner, real estate moguls, Native Americans and the difficulties that these folks encounter on a daily basis while trying to coexist and advancing their own agendas.

Right from the beginning, the show starts really heavy and only gets heavier from there. I don’t want to give out any spoilers, but there are some animal scenes that I think suck here but happen in the real world.

The fact that my wife is interested and enjoying this show tells me that pretty much anyone would also enjoy it. I mean she’s never been into any cowboy stuff or anything like that. So that indicates to me that the show has substance, she wouldn’t be interested in a plain cowboy series. There’s so much more happening here. I definitely recommend this series and say it is totally worth a watch. Here are some more of my final thoughts on Yellowstone.

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